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Current Projects - The Republic of Liberia

Some 400 000 hectares of Upper Guinea rainforest is highlighted for Carbon Harvesting by the Liberian government and administered by the Forestry Development Authority.

This ground breaking project highlights that fact that rainforests are worth more alive than dead. An independent Cost Benefit Analysis report was commissioned on the revenues the Liberian government could expect from logging compared to virtual harvesting. Without even factoring in the social and environmental benefits of virtual carbon harvesting, logging simply in terms of Government revenue was a less viable option to take.

In addition to the revenue received by the Government the sum will be matched by CHC and paid directly into a independent community charity fund administered at a local level ensuring economic support is received where it's most needed. Direct employment will also create many local jobs as rangers provide a vibrant alternative to logging.

Land ownership is clearly understood now. Logging activity is tightly controlled and sustainably managed by the Liberian FDA and the Government is maintaining a strong and visible stance against corruption.

Recognising the sea change that the country has undergone politically, aid programmes are now gathering momentum spearheaded by the recent Sunday Times and Save the Children campaign.

Since carbon harvesting provides a real time income any issues of deforestation will be addressed as a matter of urgency at a national level as it will immediately impact on revenue, with resumption being dependent on criteria being met. However this would not disrupt the funding of local initiatives through our locally funded charity.

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