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About Carbon Harvesting

The fact that the value of our natural resources can be finally unlocked is no longer in question. It is a matter of when and how it can be delivered correctly and fairly.

Our vision is to deliver a direct bridge between the rightful stakeholders of rainforests and the capital markets that are being established to address climate change and preserve our planet's natural biodiversity.

Part of our solution is based on a transactional mechanism that directly links each Carbon Unit purchase with a specific rainforest plot, thus allowing forest carbon to take on a new life as a currency of conservation and preservation. This unique and auditable system ensures credibility of transactions.

The remaining part of the solution lies in our project management expertise and commitment to best practice while working towards recognised REDD standards as they emerge in the run-up to 2012.

Such a direct and tangible proposition is going to reset the expectation's consumers have not only of offsetting but on the businesses and brands they choose to do business with. It is also a proposition that has enormous appeal across the business spectrum from SMEs to corporate.

As carbon quotas begin to bite and with REDD's likely adoption by 2012, it's just possible that the failure of the biggest polluters to address their sins may have to be saved by the new rainforest economy.

As a company we are bound by ethical principles and believe in the vision that private enterprise can be used to save the planet's most valuable remaining resource before it's too late.

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