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Using carbon markets to make giant strides in conservation

The Carbon Harvesting Corporation is committed to tackling climate change through capital market mechanisms.

By using the economic drivers within carbon markets we can demonstrate through pioneering innovation how the nations of the world can co-operate and lead effective change.

The Carbon Harvesting Mechanism

Land and forest areas provide essential services to the global community including the absorption of greenhouse gasses and the release of oxygen back into the atmosphere.

These vital eco-system services are taken for granted by the majority of individuals, businesses and governments. It is only through our understanding of the factors that contribute to climate change that we can address the problem and seek to put right the mistakes of the past, conserve the existing resources we have whilst recognising how to protect our future.

By rewarding landowners and stakeholders of forestry land for the Carbon Rights to their untapped supply source we can value this precious commodity and take the first steps towards addressing climate change.

Only in this way will we be able to tackle the factors that drive deforestation and the erosion of bio-diversity head on.

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